• When a person purchases his her ticket (class card, monthly membership, workshop ticket, etc) to assist a virtual or in-studio class, he / she will become a Member of the Studio.
  • Acceptance of a person as a Member is in the absolute discretion of the Company.
  • The Company reserves the right to expel from the Studio, suspend for a specific period or refuse to renew the membership of any Member whose conduct is or may, in the Company’s reasonable opinion, be injurious to the character of the Studio or which amounts to a breach of the Terms and Conditions or where such expulsion is otherwise in the interests of the other Members of the Studio. Any Member so expelled will forthwith cease to be a Member of the Studio and will not be entitled to any refund for any period during which his membership is suspended.
  • If a Member brings a guest to the Studio for a session that guest must before the commencement of the relevant session become a Member in accordance with and subject to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Subject to any statutory right of cancellation, payments for Memberships and Classes are non-refundable unless otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditions.
  • Any memberships or class cards and packages, including Introductory Offer and Drop In, must be activated six (6) months from the purchase date, unless stated otherwise in terms and conditions of the particular package. Any memberships, class packages and cards that are not activated within 6 months from purchase date will be deemed invalid.


  • Details of session times at the Studio may vary from time to time. Session times will be published by the Studio and will be available either at the Studio or at www.hotyogaaltea.com


  • Pre-payment in full is required at time of registration for workshops.
  • Refunds for cancellations are available up to fourteen (14) days prior to date of workshop.
  • Credit is only given for cancellations at least seven (7) days prior to the workshop.
  • No refunds or credit are given less than seven (7) days prior to workshop.
  • If Hot Yoga Altea cancels a workshop, a full credit or refund will be issued.
  • Hot Yoga Altea reserves the right to amend this policy at its sole discretion.


  • If a booking of class was required, If you cancel more than 4 hours beforehand, there will be no charge.
  • If you persistently fail to turn up, your booking rights will be suspended.
  • Hot Yoga Altea reserves the right to amend this policy at its sole discretion.


  • Hot Yoga Altea does not offer refunds for the Teacher Trainings except in the case where you are deemed medically unfit to participate in Yoga for the foreseeable future, in which case you will receive a full refund less our reasonable administrative costs.
  • Your place on the course is secure once your deposit payment has been processed.


  1. Members are advised not to undertake strenuous physical activities without first seeking medical advice if they have concerns over their physical condition. The Studio reserves the right to refuse access to any Member if, in its absolute discretion, it considers that the health of the individual concerned may be endangered by the use of such facilities.
  2. When our classes are being held online via live. Your wellbeing is important to us, and as you will be practicing without the physical presence of a teacher in the room, you should avoid pushing beyond your existing limits. By participating in our live classes, you agree that you will accept all responsibility for any injury you may sustain. Please avoid attending online sessions if you’re in doubt as to you ability to carry out the instructions safely.
  3. Members with low/high blood pressure and/or cardiac irregularities should not attend class, until they have written permission from their Doctor. If there is any doubt, the Member should consult his doctor. Members must notify the Studio of any circumstances affecting their health which may be exacerbated through continued use of the Studio.
  4. Pregnant members have to ask Hot Yoga Altea if there is a suitable class for them. Also a Doctor’s permission will be required.
  5. Members are required to follow the instructions of the instructor at all times


  • There will be times when the class will be delivered mostly in English or otherwise mostly in Spanish *depending on the ratio of students understanding of the English Language. Hot Yoga Altea will decide in which language the class will be delivered.


  1. The Company cannot be held responsible for any particular session, instructor and/or item of equipment not being available for whatever reason. The Company reserves the right to make alterations to the sessions, instructors and/or equipment, as well as to those ancillary facilities (e.g. Showers), provided to Members, without notice and in its absolute discretion and the Company will not be liable for any loss occasioned by such alterations except insofar as such loss is by law incapable of exclusion.
  2. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that he is capable of undergoing a routine of exercises provided by any programme which he follows or class which he attends. Members accept the risk of injury from performing exercises and are advised to consult their doctor prior to beginning any session.
  3. The Company accepts no liability for loss or damage to property of Members or for injury to Members on the Studio premises or outside the Studio except insofar as such loss, damage or injury is by law incapable of exclusion.


  • A Member is entitled to use the Studio’s facilities provided always that the Studio may at any time without notice withdraw all or part of its facilities for any period or periods and with notice, where practicable, in connection with any cleaning, repair, alteration or maintenance work or for reasons beyond the control of the Studio or the Company.
  • Children under the age of 16 may only use the Studio and attend classes if accompanied by an adult.


  • Personal belongings are brought onto the Studio premises at the Member’s own risk and the Company does not accept liability for any loss or damage whatsoever to such items.


  • Members are requested to wear a form of dress appropriate to the practice of Yoga, recommend that Members wear stretch pants or shorts and a T-shirt or sports top. Members should attend sessions barefoot. Footwear should be removed in the reception area before entry to the changing rooms or the studio.


  • In the interests of safety and hygiene, no crockery, glass or food are permitted in the changing rooms or studio. Only water is permitted in the Studio. Other than with the exception of guide dogs no pets are permitted in the Studio buildings or grounds.
  • Members must not walk around the Studio barefoot if they have verrucas or similar foot complaints.
  • Members must use the main entrance to the Studio when entering or leaving the Studio. Fire exits, which are clearly marked, are there in the interests of safety and Members must not interfere with these exits for any reason. In the event of a fire, Members are asked to make their way to the nearest available exit.
  • Smoking is forbidden in the Studio.


  • We at HYA understand how much value you place on your privacy and we will always treat your private details with utmost of care.
  • If you have a complaint or concern about how we are processing your personal information then we will aim to address such concern(s).
  • If you have any questions specifically about Privacy please contact us.